Fluid Lard Oils

Our unique refining, cooling and fractionation processes allow us to offer a wide range of product cloud points to suit the individual requirements of metalworking and leather markets.

Neatsfoot Oil Substitutes

We have developed a range of neatsfoot oil derived from natural animal oils with low levels of poly-unsaturation or low cloud point with no synthetic esters.

Technical Vegetable Oils

Alongside our range of refined animal oils we offer a range of vegetable oils from renewable and sustainable sources.

Tallow Stearines

We can offer a wide range of tallow stearine with different physical and chemical characteristics.

Product Development

Always working with our customers to create bespoke products designed to meet their specific requirements. Whether that is for a specific iodine value, level of unsaturation or cloud point.

Worldwide Shipping

All products are available for worldwide shipping in bulk, IBCs and drums. Contact the team for more information.